The thin thickness of elegance.

In the metaphysical sense, we are constantly striving for harmony, creation and beauty, in all its manifestations. If a picture paints words by the thousand, then a space can inspire entire stories by the million. For us, these stories are everything. We seek them out in every 'place' we work. We let our curiosity roam free around a 'landscape'. We delve into its past and interrogate its character, until it’s told us all it can. Its legends, its quirks, and its crafts. And with these elements in our hands, we model a new tale. We experiment and explore. We then edit and hone. As we do so, the essence of a location is woven into the sensations of our space. We bring them together to form something moving, memorable, and magical.

Each of our projects has a secret: the personality of who will live it. For this reason, every time you start working on the design of a new 'moment', your thoughts turn to the person who 'will live it'. You try to imagine their habits. Their desires. Objects they surround themselves with and that they love. Situations, moments, atmospheres. They are like snapshots taken of life. From these insights our ideas take form. From these ideas our own style is born: a style which people can identify with and, in it, recognise their own lives. It is an exchange. 'It's how you live' expresses this simple and fundamental idea. Inspired by the people and their way of life. Every Adrien & Stefan creation is dedicated to them, their lives and the emotions that they experience every day.

It’s important to know how to frame the future and what the real issues are before we choose where to allocate our energy. The book is a gaze at some of the issues we’re facing, and how we think about tackling them. We listen closely, think deeply, and speak openly, most of the time in that order. ... "It was there that we realized there existed a place where people engaged with the world of ideas, of emotions, that we too desired to be a part of." ...

Thanks for your time

Adrien & Stefan