To those of you who are not Architects, we are emotional beings.

Designing the interior of a house is seeking the perfect balance between the space and how it can be used to make it a liveable reality. Our spaces are where people go to share special moments with those most precious to them. Our aim is simple: to make these moments rich with feelings that can’t be shaken, to create settings for stories that are held close to the heart, and told again and again.

Adrien & Stefan Interior Design


Whether you dream of a contemporary, classic or farmhouse space, you deserve a unique space that reflects your image. This is why the Adrien & Stefan journey begins with you, by discovering your taste, desires and inspirations. This is all our designers require.

Luxury Interior Design - Living
Luxury Interior Design
Luxury Interior Design - Kitchen
Luxury Interior Design - Office


Turning ideas into reality. A tribute of passion and reason. Privacy, evocative atmospheres, relaxing colours and extraordinarily spacious environments. The creation of a residence starts from within. While maintaining a sense of sophistication and elegance, interior design and decoration must relate to your personality and lifestyle. At the same time, it must achieve a balance with architecture. The pursuit of symmetry and harmony, achieving a synthesis that express warmth and well-being. Disciplined shapes, linear but soft, that convey substance, security and elegance.

Adrien & Stefan is a totally independent consultant, and is not allied to any manufacturer. We have strong relationships with hundreds of manufacturers globally, and this gives us an unrivalled range of specification, enabling us to easily adapt our approach for different styles, cost models and requirements. We are highly experienced at working with Quantity Surveyors, furniture makers and various craftsmen to ensure excellent value is achieved. Our reach extends beyond the United Kingdom and Italy with the ability and experience to deliver the Adrien & Stefan standards of excellence on an International level.


  1. Interior Architecture and Design
  2. Space planning
  3. Colour schemes and soft furnishings
  4. 2D and 3D Visualization
  5. Furniture and Fittings
  6. Bespoke joinery design

Our expertise lies not in blindly following the latest trends, but in bringing the character of your property to life and ensuring it is an expression of your personality. Adrien & Stefan’s meticulous attention to detail and keen powers of observation allow him to craft exceptional spaces that are the perfect fit for your life and style.


An idea of unmitigated elegance echoes in every detail of the furniture and in the expert choice of materials. An innovative concept of sound, of interiors, where symmetry, curves and dimensions create a sense of continuity thanks to special lighting solutions designed to enhance shape, colour and sound, style discover itself. Discover a new world of colour, light and entertainment.

Adrien & Stefan Domotic

Adrien & Stefan ... for those who can feel the value of something beyond beauty: the hours of work, the precision, the passion and all the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. The seductive interpretation of luxury is enriched with new items, colours and suggestions, thus becoming a contemporary place, time and living space. In a perfect world, there is always room for new ideas. This space is an invaluable essential, enabling "those who inhabit it" to reach the ultimate experience, filled with meaning.


Please get in touch to discuss any upcoming residential projects or requirements you have. All enquiries are handled with discretion and respect to clients' requests for privacy. Our values are strongly focused on professionalism, credibility, quality, innovation, agility and loyalty. We aspire to be global influencers by caring for the local context based on innovation, quality and sustainability.