We love what we do. We do what we love.

We are people who are curious and very attentive to everything around us. Many things can be interesting and stimulating: a film, music, images taken from a book of photographs. We love to get 'contaminated', we often look for unusual collaborations that enable different worlds meet and mingle. Art, design and music can interact in a harmonious dialogue. Then we love to travel, films, literature ... and we like people, because every meeting is an opportunity for exchange, debate and sometimes the thrill of a moment.

We are confidently moving forward, trying to be even better, improving ourselves every day. This aspiration expresses a philosophy of our values, which is based on dedication to our cause, integrity and sincerity in creativity and love of beauty.

Adrien & Stefan


United Kingdom - Head Office
Battersea, London City
England SE11 5QU - UK
P: [+44] 7742 712 863

Finland - Head Office
Koskitie, Wooden House
90100 Oulo - FI
P: [+44] 7546 166 012

USA - Head Office
High Hill House - Raleigh
25810 Beckley - West Virginia - USA
P: [+44] 7843 972 609

Italy - Head Office
Via C. Farini, 53
20159 Milano - IT
P: [+39] 338 912 0541

Italy - Branch Office
Via S. Rocco - Mariano Comense
22066 Como - IT
P: [+39] 031 447 7154

Hey let's talk
Feel free to contact us, we are open to any proposal or offers. We hope to see you soon. Find us here.

email welcome@adrienandstefan.co.uk


Claudio Ciceri - CO-Founder
By designing and implementing projects, we aspire to form a new quality of life that creates impeccable impressions and incredible emotions in your environment.

Adrien Roger - CO-Founder
The values of our vision, experience and culture will allow you to create special place in which you want to live, be inspired.
email: adrien@adrienandstefan.co.uk

Stefan Jensen - CO-Founder
Architecture and design for me is more than designing and decorating interiors. This is a special type of creativity with which you can create the style and concept of our life.
email: stefan@adrienandstefan.co.uk 

Tom Nowak - Designer
When creating interior design, I am imbued with the world-view of clients, I share them values in order to transfer into the space the individual image of their ideal home.

email: tom@adrienandstefan.co.uk 

Kristian Heikkila - Architect
I never stop working on myself and in every new project I put the knowledge and experience gained in order to make it even better than we have already done.
email: welcome@adrienandstefan.co.uk 

We personally want to thank every single person who has taken an interest in our World.

with love

 Adrien & Stefan