Creative thinking is the most freeing tool you’ll ever have and that’s our way to express it.

Adrien & Stefan is a game-changing firm in the rapidly expanding global real estate marketplace. The firm’s hybrid has inspired a new wave of thinking in the industry, and its approach to daring and unconventional marketing has elevated and revolutionized the way people think of real estate.  Adrien & Stefan continues to expand with 4 offices and more than 100 team members, and/or Partners, around the globe. Based in UK (England), USA (Virginia) and IT (Milan and Porto Cervo) Adrien & Stefan has emerged as a leading international real estate firm. It has established itself as a brilliant marketer of New Developments and it continues to represent some of the most spectacular properties in the world and the most sophisticated buyers and investors.

We adopt a 'private equity' approach: our core activities are sourcing, structuring and acquisition support for large-scale complex real estate transactions, providing investors with a complete understanding of the deal and aligning our interests seamlessly from the beginning. We focus on value add, designing strategic, innovative and custom made solutions to transform real estate assets through restructuring, repositioning, and physical improvements. Combining local skills with international experiences in Miami, Los Angeles, Milan and London we believe to have a broad perspective of the international market.

As architects, we promote a positive vision of the future, with the opportunity to solve many of the environmental and economic design challenges of our time. We are a collaborative, principles-driven design firm that sees the unique characteristics of each place and project as a source of inspiration and innovation to enrich human experience of the world through thoughtful weaving of natural and built environments.

Every aspect of our business is conceptualized, designed and built in-house. Creativity, ingenuity, quality and passion in service are the fundamentals to our success and growth.

Adrien & Stefan Real Estate

The future of something is not necessarily a better version of that something. The future of slavery is not better slavery. The future of travel in the horse age was obviously not better horse travel. Using the same logic, the future of cars may be electric, but the future of travel may have nothing to do with cars. At least not the future we want. The solution to healthier cities is not primarily digital... Why not reinvent cities by permeating them with nature, rather than surrounding them with it? Show us the first city that cannot be seen from space and we will show you the first happy city. The new idea is rewilding and it involves embracing randomness.

Adrien & Stefan Real Estate