I realized that photography can convey a message to the world without the need for literal translation. I realized what we see is something we all have in common and photography could be the key to overcoming the barrier of language.

Adrien Roger


Photography & Art Direction

Design & Development - Web Concepts

Adrien Roger Photographer


... "The sound of the camera shutter and the way the images would slowly appear in our dark room were like magic to me." ...

I grew up in Saint German - Normandy and have been living in France, Italy, USA and England long enough now to official call myself an Englishman. I have worked at a number of places over the years, but have been singularly focussed on photography since I was very young. My career started working with my Grandpa in food world taking pictures for some companies in this sector.  I am no stranger to reportage and people photography in any circumstances. I eventually transitioned to working as freelance retoucher for editorial and private clients. Since then I’ve built out a world class studio with a friend of mine, Stefan Jensen, I was involved in the creation of two books with Claudio Ciceri, and photographed, and realized, a very forward thinking food brand. Co-operating with photographers from around the world makes me ready for work anywhere in the world.

Adrien Roger Photographer

Fame is over. I want to get back to myself.

It started maybe ten or fifteen years ago. The whole world was changing because of the internet. People were posting their whole life, but it’s all fake. I thought, these people have no souls, just bodies. So I wanted to create something for discovering the true stories,  some emotional moments, for changing this perception of the world.

Adrien Roger Photographer

In other words I’m rarely afforded the opportunity to express myself the way I imagined I would. Good photography is, more often than not, linked to the passage of time.

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I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me via phone or email for work or photography enquires.

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